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Long Coupled Range

long coupled range

Prochem long coupled Pumps of the H Mark II Series are of end suction, back pull-out design conforming to DIN 24256. All components coming into contact with the fluid handled are made from synthetic thermosetting corrosion and wear resistant materials.

The long coupled pump has been designed for heavy duty permanent fixture applications, found in most chemical and industrial plants.
Long coupled centrifugal pumps include a coupling between the pump shaft and the motor shaft and are very popular because the motor and pump can be serviced individually, without disturbing the entire pumpset / assembly. This is a major benefit, especially when dealing with larger KW sizes. In addition, the motor bearings are much better protected from seal leaks that may occur in the pump's seal cavity because there is a bearing housing on the pump in between the pump seal cavity and the motor shaft and bearings. However, long-coupled centrifugal pumps require careful coupling alignment when assembled and after installation in the field.

Prochem long coupled Pumps are utilised wherever conventional materials can only offer limited service life. The field of application ranges from general water supply to transfer of highly corrosive chemicals. Prochem Pumps have proven successful even under the most adverse conditions.

Long proven experience with synthetic materials in chemical handling and strict observance of design principles, ensure the end user special advantages of utilising the Prochem Pump range of pumps. Synthetic thermosetting resin systems CPR, BR and BL are reinforced with various fillers. They offer high strength and stability between operating temperatures of -20ºC to +120ºC, maintaining low vibration characteristics. They provide excellent resistance to corrosion over a wide spectrum of aggressive chemicals and solvents across the pH scale. They also offer very good erosion resistance to a variety of chemical related slurries. Furthermore, the systems used are relatively light weight, are non sparking, non magnetic and non galling. They do not support bacteria growth and can be steam sterilised. Due to the single material concept and simple but robust design and the many other inherent features, Prochem pumps will generally out price, out perform and out last many if not all major competitors supplying lined or unlined pumps in Engineered Plastics such as CPVC, PVC, PE, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PTFE and PFA, also rubber lined and coated pumps. On many occasion, Prochem Pumps are supplied where exotic alloy pumps, manufactured in Hastelloy, Titanium and other exotic materials were conventionally being utilised involving high capital and replacement costs.

• Steel and Wire Manufacturing
• Paper and Pulp Manufacturing
• Water and Sewerage Treatment
• Metal Finishing
• Chemical Manufacture and Processing
• Fume Scrubbing
• Desalination
• Photographic Industry
• Brewing and Distilling
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Processing
• Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Processing
• Electronic (PC Manufacture)
• Precious Metal Refining
• Textile Manufacture and Process
• Perfumaries and Cosmetics
• Aquariums
• Aquaculture
• Fertiliser Manufacture

long coupled range

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