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The Prochem® range of non-metallic, epoxy resin pumps were developed to take maximum advantage from the key features of a group of synthetic thermosetting epoxy resins. Our resins used are characterised by excellent resistance to chemical attack, strength and hardness comparable with many metals, and a good resistance to abrasion from fluid borne abrasives. Our range of resins are used to gain optimum chemical resistance to the many fluids and chemicals encountered in industries we serve.

The Prochem Pump® product provides then a cost-effective alternative for many processes which would normally require the use of exotic metal alloy or plastic lined pumps. Equally, other more innocuous but nonetheless troublesome fluids such as chlorinated water and seawater are handled with ease and with useful economy. 
All models are of end suction back pull-out design. All components coming into contact with the fluid handled are made from synthetic thermosetting corrosion and wear resistant materials.

Prochem Pumps® are utilised wherever conventional materials can only offer limited service life. The field of application ranges from general water supply to transfer of highly corrosive chemicals. Prochem Pumps® have proven successful even under the most adverse conditions.


• Broadest range of chemical resistance for full operational coverage
• Suitable for process temperatures from -20º to +140ºC
• Excellent strength and hardness – Resists erosion in chemical slurries
• Non-Sparking and non-galling – Beneficial in solvent applications
• Does not support bacterial growth and can be steam sterilised
• Relatively low mass – Reduced component weight
• Low vibration and noise due to inherit attenuating properties of resins
• Low cost when compared with exotic metals and advanced thermoplastics

Fume scrubbing
Chemical manufacturing and processing
Fertiliser manufacture
Metal refining

Metal finishing
Desalination plants
Aquaculture and Marine Aquariums

Steel and Wire Manufacturing
Paper and Pulp Manufacturing
Water and Sewage Treatment
Metal Finishing
Chemical Manufacture and Processing
Fume Scrubbing
Desalination Plant
Photographic Industry

Brewing and Distilling
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Processing
Food and Beverage Manufacturing & Processing
Electronic (PC Manufacture)
Precious Metal Refining
Textile Manufacture and Process
Agriculture Plant and Process
Perfumeries and cosmetics

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